3 Marketing Trends You’ll See in 2015

3 Marketing Trends You’ll See in 2015

Happy 2015 from Lifebooker! Start it on a high note by planning how you’ll use the year’s marketing trends to grow your business.

Online Ads

Online advertising is expected to rise by 10 percent in 2015. Lifebooker’s traditional advertising options can help build exposure for your brand. Promote your brand to Lifebooker’s members with site and email banner ads featuring your logo, tagline, special offers, and more. Email bizhelp@lifebooker.com or call 800-401-9258 (press 2) to learn more.

Personalized Marketing

Companies offering personalized content increased their number of sales, lowered costs of operation, prompted users to spend more time on their websites, and promoted customer satisfaction. Target your customers on a more personal level, tailoring your promotions:

  • Loyal customers: Make sure your loyal customers feel taken care of. Offer a discount for friend referrals or a VIP program.
  • New customers: Consider offering packages or specials to turn new customers into repeat customers.
  • Less active customers: Remind clients about yours business. Send them select promotions

Build your own content

Show customers that you’re an expert in your field by creating content to promote your brand. Reach your audience through photos and videos on blog posts and social media—short video content will be big this year. With Facebook changing how the News Feed works, place your focus more on stories and less on promotional content. Create content that your audience will find valuable so they’ll share and engage with it.


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