Why Fall is the Best Time to Get Laser Hair Removal


In laser hair removal, as in life, planning is key. While you might be living in leggings now, it’s actually the perfect time to plan your hairless world takeover come spring and summer 2015. Here’s why:

1. You’ll be hair-free just in time for sundress season. It normally takes six sessions—spaced four to six weeks apart—to get maximum results and hair loss. Start now and you won’t have to stink up your spring break hotel room with Nair again.

2. Get your sessions in before you start baring skin again—tanning can interfere with the absorption of laser light, so you’ll want to stay covered in between appointments. Book your first session now and you’ll be considerably more fuzz-free in about six months…just in time to start hitting the beach sans razor burn. Hallelujah!

3. You can cut down on shaving. Booty short and tank top season has come to an end and now you’re all about new fall jeans, new fall sweaters, new fall any excuse to skip shaving. Lucky for you, you only need to be freshly shaved for your appointment (so that the laser can easy find the hair root)—no prickly two-day growth! Perfect excuse to shave the morning of your appointments, before a date, and never again all season. Plus, you’ll get noticeable smoother after each session, shedding your fuzz like a beautiful butterfly emerging from your hirsute cocoon.

Fly, hairless butterfly, fly! Snag up to an extra 20% off laser hair removal in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.


Trend Alert: Gold Body Art Tattoos


Gold tattoo body art made a huge splash at New York Fashion Week, and ever since, celebs like Beyonce and Katie Holmes have spotted wearing the trend. It’s popping up everywhere…so what exactly is it?

The temporary — but high-quality — golden foil decals last about four to six days, and you can put ‘em wherever you want on your bod. Rock them as rings, wrap them around your wrist, wear them like earrings, don a gold lip “piercing” à la Dries Van Noten’s show at NYFW, or stick ‘em on your boobs if you’ve always dreamed of having a golden set. You can get the tattoos in whatever design suits your fancy—hummingbirds, roses, a body chain—and they blend in perfectly with actual jewelry.

Even better? You can score the trend for 53% off on Lifebooker. Get some golden tattoo body art for just $7 in NYC. Get glowing all over by adding an airbrush tan for $35 total.

5 Tips for Stronger Nails

5 Tips for Stronger Nails

Maybe you bite them. Maybe you neglect them. Maybe you recreate classic Renaissance paintings on them. Whatever the case, your nails need help—and we’re here to oblige. Here are our tips for making brittle, thin, or soft nails stronger, so your Birth of Venus thumb portrait doesn’t break before you Instagram it.

Stop Biting Them

Okay, okay. We know this is easier said than done, especially when you’ve got a deadline and you’ve run out of wasabi peas to distract your teeth. But it is possible! Our advice? Identify your nail-biting triggers, get regular manicures to dissuade chomping down, and distract yourself with texting whenever possible.

Wear Rubber Gloves

Relax—not all the time! Just when you’re doing the dishes, cleaning, or applying Manic Panic hair dye. The more your nails are exposed to water and chemicals, the softer and more sensitive they get. Think of them as tiny nude people. Would you let your tiny nude friends bathe in bleach and lemon-scented dish soap? Cover those babies up!

Massage Your Cuticles

Your nails only grow about one eighth of an inch per month, depending on hormones, temperature (they grow faster in the summer), and overall nail health. You can speed up the process by massaging your cuticles, which increases circulation at the starting point of nail growth and encourages new, stronger talons to emerge.

Take Vitamins

Supplementing Biotin, a vitamin responsible for supporting cell growth and metabolism, will give you stronger nails, shinier hair, and clearer skin—all in one! Plus, applying an antioxidant-packed topical Vitamin E oil will keep your nails properly moisturized, discouraging breakage. And as always, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting your proper dose of protein. Mmmm, fish!

Use Strengtheners

Yup, they really work. Specifically Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails base and top coat, which protects your claws from harsh polishes, and Sparitual’s Nutri-Thick, which is vegan, toxin-free, and super effective at building calcium for stronger nails. Just don’t try and go lift a car with your pinky finger now or anything.
And remember, a buffed, filed, indestructible shellac nail is a happy nail. Keep yours in check: grab a gel manicure in NYC for $15, in San Francisco for $19, in Los Angeles for $19, and in Chicago for $19.

Trend Alert: How to Get Mermaid Hair NOW

Trend Alert: How to Get Mermaid Hair NOW

Unfortunately, you weren’t born a mermaid. But fortunately, there’s something you can do about it—kinda. Fine, we’ll spell it out: you can still get the colorful, whimsical, magical mermaid hair.

Let’s break it down. Despite the existence of Ariel’s gorgeous red mane, everyone knows that real mermaids have long, wavy tresses highlighted with pastel colors. Just check out Pinterest if you don’t believe us. The trend has been going strong for a few seasons now, and has popped up on the runways over and over and over. Therefore, it must be your new summer look.

Luckily, we’re offering colored balayage highlights (plus a haircut and Moroccan Oil treatment, score!) for half off in Los Angeles. Your stylist hand paints highlights directly on to your strands, strategically adding peeks of color throughout your mane (options include peach, mint, teal, purple, and more). Not in LA? Search for rainbow-colored hair deals in your city on our booker.

Now all you need is a shell bra! And some fins…

Kaley Cuoco’s New Chop Is Perfection

BREAKING: We’re obsessed with a new celebrity ‘do, and it’s not a pixie. If you’re craving new spring hair but don’t want to commit to a huge cut, may we present to the people, exhibit A: Kaley Cuoco’s layered bob. The Big Bang Theory star posted photos of the new look to her Instagram over the weekend, following this shot, possibly proving that we’re not the only ones who get a little scissor-happy after a margarita or two:


Trend Spotting: Cuticle Tattoos

While style forecasters have predicted the death of the nail-art movement for seasons, they’ve simply underestimated the industry’s sheer resourcefulness. Faced with a dearth of trends (ombre, glitter, and neutral have already been covered) they’ve flat out moved off your nail bed and on to your skin. It’s about time your cuticles got some attention!

More specifically, they’re getting their very own tiny, temporary tattoos. A little bow? A geographic diamond? A chic chevron design? All of the tattoo fantasies you have in real life have been shrunken down to pinky-sized proportions. Dying? Then go grab designs by Rad Nails and Ciate. But don’t call it a comeback—call it the new nail frontier. [NYDN]

New Nail Art Project Needs YOU

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of something and have it instantly transferred onto your nails? Right, then read on. A new startup, NailSnaps, is attempting to do just that with its upcoming app. Here are three reasons why you should support their Kickstarter effort:

1. The mobile app allows you to design your nail decals just so. Love that expansive skyline Instagram you just took? You can have the whole image spread across your hand. Or hunt down ten different shots of Beyonce’s face for each and every digit. You are nail GOD.

2. Once you’re done masterminding your design, NailSnaps will print the stickers and ship them to your door. In other words, you don’t have to worry that your color cartridge expired in 1998… if you still have a printer.

3. You don’t have to do anything with the decals except stick ‘em on your nails. No polish, heat application, or waiting required. After you apply the snaps, file them to fit your nail and admire your work. You’re basically Deborah Lippmann now.

Or, we should say, you WILL be Deborah Lippmann, once you support NailSnaps’ Kickstarter fund and win at life.