How to Build Your Online Reviews

How to Build Your Online Reviews

Clients often start their research online when it comes to booking a beauty appointment—and they rely on reviews of local businesses to help them make a decision. Keep reading to learn how to ensure your business is easy to find and research online.

Get listed

Listing sites are an easy way for clients to find and research you. Use Lifebooker to list your business—you’ll be featured to the hundreds of thousands of clients searching for beauty appointments, and we’ll direct them to you based on location and desired services. It also offers the convenience of booking online or on the app. New to Lifebooker? We’ll pull in your Yelp reviews so clients can get the lowdown and book all in one place. Learn more by calling 800-401-9258 (press 2) or emailing us at

Build a Google presence

When a business has a verified Google+ page for businesses, their information will show up on the right side of the screen when a client searches for them on Google. It even includes reviews from Google+ and other sites including Lifebooker—and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Get more reviews  

As you’re wrapping up an appointment, ask clients to write a review. Include a link for reviews on an appointment card, or follow up with an email that includes aftercare instructions as well as a link to write a review.

Aim for honesty

Your customer service should speak for itself, so don’t ask for positive reviews—and don’t worry about an occasional negative one. Clients understand that some people use reviews to vent. Instead, learn from the review and answer politely, asking the client to give you a call in order to take the conversation offline.


New on Lifebooker

New on Lifebooker

As a discovery marketplace specializing in beauty, health, and fitness, we’ve always shown our members a variety of top services in their area—and now we’re offering even more! Keep reading to check out the updates we’ve made and how they’ll help your business.

It’s now easier for clients to find your business

Hundred of thousands of clients visit Lifebooker daily to explore and schedule appointments. Now we’ve improved the way clients search for businesses in their areas, making it even easier for you to gain new clients. Lifebooker helps showcase businesses and direct clients to them based on location and desired services. By having a targeted search, it’s easy for clients to find the right service for them—and they can book easily and quickly from their phones or computers.

Your trusted online reviews, all in one place

With reviews sourced only from clients who have booked and honored their appointments, Lifebooker has always been the go-to trusted source for trusted beauty, health, and fitness business reviews. Now, we’ve made it even easier for your business to build your online reputation, adding Yelp reviews to our own and ensuring clients have all the information they need to book an appointment in one place.

To find out more call 800-401-9258 (press 2) or email us at

3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can be a slower season for the beauty, health and fitness industries—but it’s easy to warm things up. Keep reading for tips on spreading the word about your business, reminding clients to book appointments, and setting up specials.

Feature your business on Lifebooker’s Marketplace

Lifebooker is a discovery marketplace specializing in beauty, health, and fitness. We provide hundreds of thousands of members with a variety of geo-targeted businesses to choose from and a platform to book desired services in real time. Attract new business by making sure your business is listed—clients will be able to find you by searching availability, location, available services, and more.

Want even more brand exposure? Get featured across the site with Lifebooker’s traditional flat-rate advertising options. Promote your brand to Lifebooker’s members with site and email banner ads featuring your logo, tagline, special offers, and more—you can even get a dedicated email sent to Lifebooker members about your brand. Email or call 800-401-9258 (press 2) to learn more.

Set up winter promotions

Get clients out of the house in your door—promote a VIP program, hold special events or workshops,  or create special promotions like two-for-one services with a friend. And remind your current clients to keep up with their routines with personalized email reminders and by having them book at the end of their appointment for their follow-up.

Start thinking ahead for spring

Use your downtime to plan ahead for your busy season. Figure out how to achieve your goals—does it include education for yourself and your staff, or updating your website? Set deadlines, check your goals, and remind your team to keep yourself accountable.

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Beard Transplants On the Rise

Great news for all you beard fetishists out there! According to plastic surgeons in Manhattan, facial hair transplants are on the rise for men—two to three per week, up from just a few per year a few years ago. And for that, you can thank your local hipster.

Apparently guys are so eager to look like the soulful lumberjacks that populate Williamsburg and other Brooklyn spots that they’re willing to shell out big bucks. The price varies based on clients’ needs—some just want to fill in patches, while others need help growing scruff altogether—but can cost up to $8,500 for the procedure.

The way it works is a surgeon removes hairs (by their roots) from the head or chest, then reinserts them into tiny incisions on the face. It takes about a week to heal from the procedure and as long as ten months to completely fill in. But with end results like these, who are we to argue? We say go for it, homies. [via New York Post]

Your Phone is Giving You Wrinkles

Exposing our brains to radiation, letting the government track our every move, poisoning our minds with hidden Emoji Illuminati messages—these are just a few of the conspiracy theories about how smart phones are ruining your life. Here’s another: they give you wrinkles.

Complaints of neck folds have been on the rise, according to non-surgical facelift specialists CACI. Coined “Techneck,” the affliction describes the horizontal lines you get across your neck from perpetually looking down at your phone. (Anyone engaged in a vigorous Tinder conversation knows this can be frequent.) Is this enough to make us swear off texting? Not in by long shot—but it might be enough to make us get a microcurrent facial. [Daily Mail]