New on Lifebooker

New on Lifebooker

As a discovery marketplace specializing in beauty, health, and fitness, we’ve always shown our members a variety of top services in their area—and now we’re offering even more! Keep reading to check out the updates we’ve made and how they’ll help your business.

It’s now easier for clients to find your business

Hundred of thousands of clients visit Lifebooker daily to explore and schedule appointments. Now we’ve improved the way clients search for businesses in their areas, making it even easier for you to gain new clients. Lifebooker helps showcase businesses and direct clients to them based on location and desired services. By having a targeted search, it’s easy for clients to find the right service for them—and they can book easily and quickly from their phones or computers.

Your trusted online reviews, all in one place

With reviews sourced only from clients who have booked and honored their appointments, Lifebooker has always been the go-to trusted source for trusted beauty, health, and fitness business reviews. Now, we’ve made it even easier for your business to build your online reputation, adding Yelp reviews to our own and ensuring clients have all the information they need to book an appointment in one place.

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3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can be a slower season for the beauty, health and fitness industries—but it’s easy to warm things up. Keep reading for tips on spreading the word about your business, reminding clients to book appointments, and setting up specials.

Feature your business on Lifebooker’s Marketplace

Lifebooker is a discovery marketplace specializing in beauty, health, and fitness. We provide hundreds of thousands of members with a variety of geo-targeted businesses to choose from and a platform to book desired services in real time. Attract new business by making sure your business is listed—clients will be able to find you by searching availability, location, available services, and more.

Want even more brand exposure? Get featured across the site with Lifebooker’s traditional flat-rate advertising options. Promote your brand to Lifebooker’s members with site and email banner ads featuring your logo, tagline, special offers, and more—you can even get a dedicated email sent to Lifebooker members about your brand. Email or call 800-401-9258 (press 2) to learn more.

Set up winter promotions

Get clients out of the house in your door—promote a VIP program, hold special events or workshops,  or create special promotions like two-for-one services with a friend. And remind your current clients to keep up with their routines with personalized email reminders and by having them book at the end of their appointment for their follow-up.

Start thinking ahead for spring

Use your downtime to plan ahead for your busy season. Figure out how to achieve your goals—does it include education for yourself and your staff, or updating your website? Set deadlines, check your goals, and remind your team to keep yourself accountable.

CrossFit 101


Perhaps you’ve come thisclose to being run over on the sidewalk by a pack of sweaty people carrying 25-lb.weights over their heads, or you’ve seen one too many #fitfluential, #livewithfire, or #getafterit hashtags. Or—gasp—a friend brought paleo cookies to a party. No matter your introduction to it, by now, chances are you’ve at least heard of CrossFit. But what is it really?

CrossFit defines itself as “a regimen of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a communal environment” that “leads to health and fitness.” Creator Greg Glassman initially dreamt up the idea in the 70s, when he noticed most gym-goers were more focused on getting “swole” than they were on getting strong. Over the next few decades, he developed the program even further, creating a fitness philosophy that’s more focused on functional mobility than muscle size (read: you don’t need to worry about getting too big or “jacked;” you’ll only get stronger and more toned).

Each workout (called a WOD – Workout of the Day) combines Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics techniques, and everyday motions that your body is naturally built for, like running, jumping, climbing, and lifting. By adopting an all-out doctrine—maximum effort in minimum time—CrossFit not only builds strength, but also endurance, cardiovascular health, speed, flexibility, and agility, all while encouraging camaraderie. It’s not uncommon to find athletes cheering their fellow fitness buffs on in the gym, then crumpling to the floor together in exhaustion. (Nor is it unusual to find them partying together on the weekends to watch the CrossFit Games or just hang out together.) As such, most devotees would say CrossFit is more than just a regimen; they’d argue it’s a culture.

Today, there are more than 7,000 “boxes,” or affiliated gyms individually owned by certified trainers. Every day, coaches post a prescribed WOD (with set weights and exercises) in person and online. That’s the other thing: CrossFit takes great advantage of the Internet, introducing its followers to a broader community that interacts with each other constantly, discussing workouts, posting pictures, besting PRs (personal records), swapping recipes, and generally just encouraging one another.

Since WODs are scaled to each person’s individual capabilities, anyone can do it. Seriously. Sure, tons of police officers, military, and pro athletes may do it, but so do plenty of grandfathers, grandmothers, preggo ladies, kids, and even celebs like Jessica Alba. At the end of the day, CrossFit is all about setting and meeting your own goals, improving your life, and celebrating yourself for being a badass. Now go #getafterit!

Trend Spotting: The Hot Pod Workout

Working out in a plastic pod seems crazy, right? Ummyeah, if by “crazy” you mean “BOOYAH I just went down a jeans size.” Enter Iobella, a Santa Monica fitness studio that’s attempting to revolutionize body shaping. The first of its kind in the US, Iobella melds bikram yoga, resistance training, and oxygen therapy into one monster pod workout.

This isn’t just some random pod. It’s a high-tech heated pod. According to Iobella, exercising in an environment heated to your exact body temperature helps tighten your body’s most obnoxious spots. The method was first dreamt up by Swiss scientists nearly 50 years ago, then further developed in Italy. The practice eventually migrated to Argentina, where fancy ladies and celebrities freaked out over the saddle-bag-eliminating miracle. And that’s where Iobella’s CEO, Roxana Lissa, came in.

“I was originally a customer,” says the Argentinian native. “I was on vacation visiting my mom and I had some extra pounds to lose. I did ten sessions and I was really able to get rid of inches in those particular places. I was like, oh my god, we have to bring this to LA!”

Opened just two months ago, Iobella’s Santa Monica location has already attracted a clientele devoted to its emphasis on inch loss, not weight loss. “You can have young women in their 20s and older women in their 60s who come and feel good about themselves because there are private instructors,” Lissa explains.

For the record, the private instructor doesn’t get into the pod with you. Because that would actually be crazy! The most intimate you’ll get is that special moment when she takes detailed measurements of your inner thighs. Then, you enter the pod, which is set at 98 degrees. The instructor leads you through a low-impact, resistance-band workout, slowly stretching and toning your muscles. After a quick shower, you kick back in an O3 spa cabin while oxygen basically swaddles your post-workout muscles like a baby. Come on, how awesome does that sound?! We’ll take our next vacation there. Mmkay, thanks.

Hey Los Angelinos, wanna give Iobella a try? We’re offering six personal sessions at 50% off through Dec 13.