How to Get More Client Reviews & Photos

How to Get More Client Reviews & Photos

While Yelp discourages businesses from asking for reviews, we’ve figured out the easiest and most effective way to encourage clients to fill out your review form. Here’s how you can get more reviews (and photos) from clients:

  • Keep it short and sweet
    • “I’m building my online profile. Would you mind filling out a quick review about your experience today? It would really help me out.”
    • If they say no, ask if you can email them your Lifebooker review form so they can fill it out at home.
  • Take photos for your profile
    • Business pages with photos get 180% more visits from clients on Lifebooker than profiles without photos.
    • Make it easy for clients to say yes. If you’re building your haircut portfolio, let them know you’ll just take a photo of the back of the head so they don’t feel self-conscious. For lash, brow, and nail services, opt for close-ups of the eyes and hands.
  • The more clients you ask, the better.
    • It’s a numbers game. Don’t shy away from asking your loyal clients for their feedback each time you see them. (Don’t worry, we’ll never market to these clients).
  • Republish your reviews and photos anywhere!
    • Use your Lifebooker reviews and photos on your own site and in your marketing materials.
  • We’ll help promote you!
    • We’ll give your photos a boost by featuring them on the Lifebooker homepage and Pinterest page.

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Trend Alert: How to Get Mermaid Hair NOW

Trend Alert: How to Get Mermaid Hair NOW

Unfortunately, you weren’t born a mermaid. But fortunately, there’s something you can do about it—kinda. Fine, we’ll spell it out: you can still get the colorful, whimsical, magical mermaid hair.

Let’s break it down. Despite the existence of Ariel’s gorgeous red mane, everyone knows that real mermaids have long, wavy tresses highlighted with pastel colors. Just check out Pinterest if you don’t believe us. The trend has been going strong for a few seasons now, and has popped up on the runways over and over and over. Therefore, it must be your new summer look.

Luckily, we’re offering colored balayage highlights (plus a haircut and Moroccan Oil treatment, score!) for half off in Los Angeles. Your stylist hand paints highlights directly on to your strands, strategically adding peeks of color throughout your mane (options include peach, mint, teal, purple, and more). Not in LA? Search for rainbow-colored hair deals in your city on our booker.

Now all you need is a shell bra! And some fins…

Kaley Cuoco’s New Chop Is Perfection

BREAKING: We’re obsessed with a new celebrity ‘do, and it’s not a pixie. If you’re craving new spring hair but don’t want to commit to a huge cut, may we present to the people, exhibit A: Kaley Cuoco’s layered bob. The Big Bang Theory star posted photos of the new look to her Instagram over the weekend, following this shot, possibly proving that we’re not the only ones who get a little scissor-happy after a margarita or two:


Jennifer Aniston and Her Long Hair Are Back On

On-again-off-again power couple Jennifer Aniston and Her Long Hair are back on. After chopping off several inches and debuting a bob back in late October, Jen and her lengthier locks were spotted together again Friday, January 31st, as they left Portia de Rossi’s birthday party. 

Aniston’s reunion with extensions shouldn’t come as a surprise; she had a similar hair flip-flop back in 2011 and told Elle UK just days after her October chop, “The minute I cut my hair I want it back. Always. It’s a guarantee.” Guess these two just can’t quit each other. [via E!]

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Trend Report: Tint-Backs

Are you part of the significant portion of the population that hasn’t seen their natural hair color since tweenhood? Then you know how hard is to even guesstimate your natural hue, let alone dye your mane back to its original shade. And when dousing your head in a box of drugstore dye in an approximately close color simply won’t cut it, there is the tint-back.

A tint-back is different than a one-step single process permanent color. More of a color correction, the service is designed to repair and restore your hair’s health along with its hue. This could take one of two routes, depending if you’re going lighter or darker.

For those that have bleached their hair to Gwen Stefani heights (cough) or progressively highlighted it till there is nothing highlight-y about it (cough again), a demi-permanent filler will first be applied to re-saturate your strands with pigment. Packed with warm golden and red tones (as opposed to brassy or ashy), the filler will prevent your hair from turning green once the actual color is applied. Combined with the target color dye, you’ll get an even, natural-looking tone.

Anyone who has gone the Katy Perry route and chosen uber dark hair will have to undergo the reverse process. Your stylist may use a number of angles to lift the dark dye from your hair, including application of a soap cap (a bleach and shampoo concoction) or professional color remover formula. A toner will then be applied to tint your hair towards its natural hue.

A few tips: It’s necessary to grow your strands out at least an inch or two to give your stylist a good look at your natural shade, so don’t jump the gun. And be forewarned that a tint-back is not necessarily a one-off ordeal. The whole process may require a few appointments over a few months to complete, depending on how porous or damaged your hair is. But in the end, being free of the tyranny of constant root touch-ups is worth it, friends!

Five Epic Hair Flip Flops

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, celebs change their hair look more often than Miley Cyrus updates her Twitter feed.  And while a dramatic cut or color change could be catastrophic for us mere mortals, for stars it’s just a chance to hang out with their celebrity hairdresser a little longer (Ken Paves, call us!). Some of the stars within (cough, starts in a B and ends in with“ce”) have hair flip-flopped so fast we still have whiplash. All a day in the life of an Us Weekly headline!

Anne Hathaway: The Bleach Job


Anne went over to the dye side at this year’s punk-themed Met Ball in an homage to Debbie Harry. Her edgy ice-blonde pixie went well with her bondage-inspired dress… which were both pretty much the opposite of her usual pretty-pretty princess style. To that end, her natural brunette tresses were back in a record 22 days.

Jennifer Aniston: The Lob


Is there an actress on earth who’s more known for their hair? No there is not. Although her image was once inseparable from The Rachel, Jen’s most known for her long, tousled, immaculately highlighted locks. But citing damage from hair extensions, she sheared ‘em into a lob (long bob) in May 2011. By October, she had hair extensions again.

Britney Spears: The Dark Side


Britney is the classic hair flip-flopper. Ordinarily a bottle blonde, she’s been known to dabble in brunette—specifically when her life tends to go batshit bonkers (hello, 2007). So it wasn’t surprising that her (shockingly attractive) brown ‘do at Elton John’s Oscar party in February was quickly vetoed and replaced with a sunshiney shade by April. Note: she’s still blonde.

Zooey Deschanel: The Blonde Period


If you didn’t already know about this, take a moment to compose yourself. You see, Zooey went blonde for a screen test and kept the look all the way through the filming of Elf in 2003 (yeah, that was her with Will Ferrell). As soon as that was over, though, she went back to brunette. Of the ordeal, she says: “When I had blonde hair I would wake up and be like, shocked. Your hair is part of your identity, and I’ve always felt like a brunette with bangs.” Here, here!

Beyonce: The Pixie


Anything you can do, Beyonce can do better—including hair flip flops. Days after tweeting a close-cropped pixie, Beyonce was spotted with a bleached bob, which she rocked for a couple months before being spotted with waist-length hair. Seriously, Bey?! Just let us stop and admire you for a moment.

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