New on Lifebooker

New on Lifebooker

As a discovery marketplace specializing in beauty, health, and fitness, we’ve always shown our members a variety of top services in their area—and now we’re offering even more! Keep reading to check out the updates we’ve made and how they’ll help your business.

It’s now easier for clients to find your business

Hundred of thousands of clients visit Lifebooker daily to explore and schedule appointments. Now we’ve improved the way clients search for businesses in their areas, making it even easier for you to gain new clients. Lifebooker helps showcase businesses and direct clients to them based on location and desired services. By having a targeted search, it’s easy for clients to find the right service for them—and they can book easily and quickly from their phones or computers.

Your trusted online reviews, all in one place

With reviews sourced only from clients who have booked and honored their appointments, Lifebooker has always been the go-to trusted source for trusted beauty, health, and fitness business reviews. Now, we’ve made it even easier for your business to build your online reputation, adding Yelp reviews to our own and ensuring clients have all the information they need to book an appointment in one place.

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3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can be a slower season for the beauty, health and fitness industries—but it’s easy to warm things up. Keep reading for tips on spreading the word about your business, reminding clients to book appointments, and setting up specials.

Feature your business on Lifebooker’s Marketplace

Lifebooker is a discovery marketplace specializing in beauty, health, and fitness. We provide hundreds of thousands of members with a variety of geo-targeted businesses to choose from and a platform to book desired services in real time. Attract new business by making sure your business is listed—clients will be able to find you by searching availability, location, available services, and more.

Want even more brand exposure? Get featured across the site with Lifebooker’s traditional flat-rate advertising options. Promote your brand to Lifebooker’s members with site and email banner ads featuring your logo, tagline, special offers, and more—you can even get a dedicated email sent to Lifebooker members about your brand. Email or call 800-401-9258 (press 2) to learn more.

Set up winter promotions

Get clients out of the house in your door—promote a VIP program, hold special events or workshops,  or create special promotions like two-for-one services with a friend. And remind your current clients to keep up with their routines with personalized email reminders and by having them book at the end of their appointment for their follow-up.

Start thinking ahead for spring

Use your downtime to plan ahead for your busy season. Figure out how to achieve your goals—does it include education for yourself and your staff, or updating your website? Set deadlines, check your goals, and remind your team to keep yourself accountable.

Can Avoiding Dairy Make You Prettier?


By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard the rumors: Dairy is ruining your life. Or at least, it’s making your eyes puffy, your skin break out, and your midsection bloated, according to a number of celebs and nutritionists. So what, exactly, is wrong with your daily string cheese, and what are the benefits of cutting it from your diet? Let us break it down for you.

Puffy Eyes

The main issue, dairy opponents say, is that many of us are allergic to it. That means that dairy foods are incorrectly digested, leaking proteins from the gut directly into your bloodstream and causing an opiate effect on the brain (read: fatigue and inflammation). That’s where puffy, red eyes and general tired-face come into play. If you feel like you wake up looking like Mickey Rourke, try swapping soy milk for your usual half-and-half in your Venti Red-Eye next time.

Bloated Waistline

Furthermore, a failure to digest dairy or a tendency to digest it slowly—which means you could be lactose intolerant or flirting with a latent allergy—causes air to build up in digestive tract. Uhuh, bloating. Dr. Oz estimates that 80 percent of bloating is caused by the things we eat, so you may want to skip the quart of froyo next time you plan on wearing a bikini.


Many milk, cheese, and yogurt products contain traces of the growth hormones pumped into the animals they originated from (and the naturally occurring growth hormones in them—milk is meant to grow babies, after all). And judging by your monthly PMS breakout, you’re familiar with what hormones do now: Grow zits on your chin. Switching to soy or almond milk could help a gal out around that time of the month, or all month long, for that matter.


Of course, dairy comes with a lot of pros—impressive protein content chief among them. And like most diet methods, there’s a lot of disagreement over the scientific basis of a dairy-free diet. But if you find yourself unable to zip your pants on the reg, you may want to reconsider that five-course cheese meal you just ate. Okay, fine, the one we just ate.