How to Make Valentine’s Day Count for Your Business

How to Make Valentine’s Day Count for Your Business

Valentine’s Day is a great time to promote your business to new and existing customers. From date night prep to thoughtful gift ideas, keep reading to learn how to boost business during the holiday.

Set up a variety of promotions

Target different groups and add a special twist to your most popular services for the holiday. Focus on prep services like hair, waxing, nails, and makeup, or appeal to couples and friends with relaxing options like spa days—you can even include themed ingredients or add an extra treat like strawberries and champagne. Promote gift options like packages, class packs, and gift cards—and include an extra Valentine’s Day treat or special service as an add-on.

Reach out to your existing clients

Once you set up all your Valentine’s Day specials, it’s time to spread the word. Make sure your loyal client base is aware by sending a promotional email and posting on your social media pages (link to your booking page). Use the holiday boost to promote your VIP and friend referral programs.


Target new clients

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